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You need advanced manufacturing software that lets you make anything you want. Whatever you make, however you want to make it – Autodesk has the solution.

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Extraordinary outcomes

Autodesk advanced manufacturing software gives you the tools you need to make an impact on the world.

Learn how people are discovering amazing new ways to make their products:

Precise tooling solutions, inc.

Making precision molds

Precise Tooling has a legacy in advanced precision machining and is widely recognized for developing highly complex tools.

Using a combination of Autodesk advanced manufacturing products, Precise Tooling can deliver world-class craftsmanship while reducing costs and production time.

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Subtractive solutions

Schneider Electric

Making energy products safer

Schneider Electric develops products to manage energy and process it in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

By connecting their design and advanced manufacturing processes with Autodesk Moldflow, Schneider Electric were able to reduce product time to market by 50%.

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Simulation solutions


Making aircraft lighter

Airbus is committed to reducing greenhouse emissions by 50% by 2050. Lighter planes use less fuel.

Using Autodesk generative design and additive manufacturing solutions, Airbus created the world’s largest 3D printed airplane cabin component.

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Additive solutions


Making parts on demand

The Dutch port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. RAMLAB (Rotterdam Additive Manufacturing Lab) is working with the port authority on a strategy to become the smartest port in the world.

Using hybrid manufacturing technology from Autodesk, RAMLAB can make on-demand parts for ships, dramatically reducing production time and costs.

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Hybrid solutions

General Motors

Making cars more efficient

General Motors is taking a big leap forward in automotive design and manufacturing to imagine a future of lighter, more efficient, and customizable cars.

Using generative design powered by artificial intelligence and cloud computing, GM is exploring new advanced manufacturing solutions for vehicle parts to deliver better performance and more options than ever to customers.

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Your advanced manufacturing innovation partner

With ongoing pressures to make parts today and meet your customers’ deadlines, we recognize it’s difficult to test, learn, and implement new manufacturing processes. Our global network of technology centers help you expand your R&D capabilities to drive manufacturing innovation, using Autodesk advanced manufacturing software to push the limits of the latest hardware available today.

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What do you MAKE?

Tell us what it is that you or your company makes. Chances are we’ve worked with someone just like you and discovered ways to make their products better, while saving time and cost.

Connecting design and manufacturing workflows to leverage data, agility, technology, and collaboration is what we do best.

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